We Lose Some and We Gain Some - A Coffee story | My Entry to ICD contest

They say, one should turn their passion into a profession; make money out of something you love — and so I did. That's when my small drip coffee business idea started.

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I drink too much coffee. May it be cold, hot, sweet, dark, frappe. It's the caffeine that runs in my veins. lol Kidding aside, I love coffee at any given time of the day, and one day while I was back in my hometown (it's a rural area with not that many coffee shops and stores usually close before 7pm), a question came into my mind.

We Filipinos love coffee, especially the elderly, but if you look inside a typical Filipino home, you won't see brewed coffee but rather commercially sold 3 in 1 coffee that are in sachets, so I think to myself, what's the reason behind the lack of access to coffee beans and brewed coffee?

Is it because prices are higher? So I began my search and, to my surprise, local coffee beans are actually cheaper than I first thought. We have a lot of coffee farmers in the Philippines and locally sourced beans from Batangas and Benguet, to name a few.

However, when we get into a coffee shop, the prices of the coffee drinks start to skyrocket depending on the brand and image that a shop brings, making the coffee experience intimidating for other people, especially low-income earners from the provinces.

And so, I thought I'd bring the coffee experience right to every household in my hometown — I'm impulsive and quite the dreamer, you see.

I got the perfect tag line in mind - Experience that cafe like coffee at home and just like that, Drip Coffee by Dannah was born.

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The first batch of my Drip Coffee

I placed an order with a direct supplier for drip coffees because I was thinking if the locals in our small province far, far away from the busy city don't usually go to coffee shops, I doubt they have coffee makers in their homes. Drip coffee was the perfect solution.

I placed around 25 orders and invested some money with the mindset that even if I don't get to sell the coffee, at least I can keep it for my own use and have some stocks good for quite a few months. It's going to be a win-win deal.

The first 25 orders were sold out. I got greedy and thought, "Hey, this has potential. I got to have a coffee supply of my own and earn a few bucks, so I doubled the next order from the supplier.

Here's where the rollercoaster starts. The business started to weaken. I didn't get nearly as many orders as I had the first time, despite all my marketing and hard-selling tactics.

At the end of the day, I was left with over 30 packs of unsold drip coffee (each pack contains 10pcs). 30x10-whoaaa, that's 300 coffee Hahahaha, it will last me almost a year. Oh well, that's fine. I realized our small rural community was still not ready for a coffee experience I had in mind. Old habits die hard-it's the 3 in 1 coffee that fits their taste and style. I lost some money, but I gained a year's worth of good coffee. Now that's one heck of an experience I had for the love of coffee.

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(PS : I have nothing against instant coffee, I also like 3in1 from time to time, it's fast and convenient, please don't hate me) 😅

But on a serious note, I still dream of one day opening my own coffee shop in our small town and help our local coffee farmers by supporting locally sourced beans. I'll be selling coffee at a very reasonable price and I want my dream coffee shop to have that street vibe atmosphere where people of all walks of life can just chill and hang out over a cup of coffee, just like the coffeeshop I featured on my First Blog here in the community.

Someday, One day, Soon.


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