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Happy Weekend, Hive friends! How's your day shaping up? I hope it's unfolding into a perfect weekend for you. For me, the key ingredients for a delightful weekend include good food and even better company.

Come along as I take you away on a delightful culinary journey to one of my newfound favorites in town - Ullis.

Ullis Streets of Asia, as the name suggests, feels like a whirlwind tour across Asia through its gastronomic experience. The restaurant boasts a variety of Asian cuisines, promising "a dash of culture." and true to its name, it's where I recently savored the most delicious Laksa to date.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-13 at 7.43.43 PM.jpegLaksa originated from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It's a delicious spicy noddle dish that is popular in Southeast Asia.

Their menu features a range of signature Asian favorites, like bibimbap from Korea, Char Kway Teow from China, and the renowned Vietnamese Banh Mi.

With two branches in Cebu – one in Ayala and the other in Il Corso, SRP – my friends and I chose the latter for our get-together.

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This marked our first reunion in quite a while; our last gathering was during our Bantayan trip early last year. Much has changed, but the biggest news of all is our friend Ria tying the knot and expecting a bundle of joy soon.

We were thrilled to see her and her baby bump, I'm super excited to play the role of a cool Tita to the little one very soon.

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We other some Bibimpab, Laksa, Run Bing (fresh spring roll) and the Karate Chops. The portions were generous, leaving us with satisfied tummies and even some leftovers to take home. Personally, I couldn't get enough of the Laksa – the broth was a symphony of flavors, and the shrimps were simply divine. To complement our meal, we sipped on Thai iced coffee and the refreshing Sentosa Cooler.

Indeed this restaurant offers a Taste of Southeast Asia in Every Bite.

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So if you are looking for a weekend hangout place that will surely make your tummy happy, Chcek out Ullis Street Food and try out their exquisite menu.

The awesome dinner that we had truly set the perfect tone for the weekend. I hope you are also having a great time enjoying the weekend with the people you care about the most. Stay awesome!


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