The One where I was invited as a Guest in Cebu Updates

Hello Hive friends! How's everyone doing? TGIF, everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday and, just like me, looking forward to the weekend.

Do you remember when I shared the story of my time as a Disc Jockey and later as a Humanitarian Radio Anchor for an International NGO? Well, recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to reminisce about those memories because I was invited as a guest on Cebu Updates, an afternoon livestream show hosted by Mr. Erwin Dela Cerna.

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Cebu Updates is a social media outlet with a following of 311k on Facebook. Their livestream programs, hosted by various announcers and media personnel, cover a wide range of topics from everything about Cebu to updates from around the world – essentially, it’s anything under the Sun.

It was such an honor to be invited by Sir Erwin, who now hosts Ratsada, a program that airs every Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm. I've known him since my On-the-Job Training days back in college when he used to be our Director at Fort San Pedro, where I did my tour guiding as part of my OJT.

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When Sir Erwin told me about the invitation, excitement surged through me, cause I really missed the simple pleasure of engaging in conversations and chats, much like my time working in radio.

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Throughout the one-hour interview, we did a little time travel back into my past experiences in the radio industry, and of course, my journey as a Typhoon Yolanda Survivor. As you may recall, Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, the strongest typhoon ever recorded to make landfall, struck my hometown Guiuan back in 2013.

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Additionally, we discussed tourism, particularly in Eastern Samar. Being a Tourism graduate myself, I took great pride in sharing the breathtaking tourist spots our region has to offer. The highlights was Handig Beach in Homonhon Island and of course the Surfing Site in Calicoan where the 2nd Leg of the Philippine Surfing Competition is going to be held this coming September.




Handig Beach by Jeff Caliso

Time seemed to fly by during the interview, and there were no dull moments or awkward silences. It was evident that I was really enjoying myself, just like the good old radio days.

As I headed home after the interview, a wave of nostalgia washed over me, making me miss my time working in radio – the art of storytelling, connecting with the audience, and all those wonderful experiences.

Nevertheless, I'm incredibly grateful for Hive, a different platform that allows me to continue sharing my thoughts and stories. It's like the saying goes, "Same, same but different."

If you made it this far, big thanks for your time. Until our next story. Take care and stay amazing!



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