The One Where I Turned Thirty

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Have you watched the series "Friends?" I'm a big fan; I love every episode of it, and every time I rewatch a season, I always end up laughing as if it's the first time I watched it.
There was one particular episode when Rachel was turning thirty, and they all had some flashbacks on what happened during their 30th birthday.

I somewhat relived that moment today. A few days ago, I was having some birthday blues. Gosh, this is it; I'm thirty. I feel old already; that's all I could think about, along with some other realizations in life. Like, I thought by the time I'm thirty, I'll be very successful in my career—maybe have a managerial position by then, or be able to own a house, maybe a car, or be married.

Just like Joey in that episode, I was like, "Why me?" I don't want to grow old that fast. Whyyy, lol, I'm exaggerating much, but yes, I can't believe how fast the years went by. Can I just keep the gifts and still stay 29? Lol

But then I looked at what I have now in my life and realized that even if not all of my plans turned out exactly how I wanted them to, I'm still blessed and thankful.

I have a secured job that provides for my needs; I'm now renting a two-bedroom apartment compared to that tiny room I was in five years ago when I first moved to Cebu; and I have three kids who love me unconditionally. I now have a supportive partner who always has my back.

And the list goes on. I have everything I need right here at this moment, and 30 is just the beginning. I'm very excited for what is next to come. I know somehow all the pieces will fit when the time comes, and until then I will just keep celebrating life.

And yes, my birthday falls on New Year's Day! I guess it's not only me who is celebrating, but the whole world. How happy is it to be alive!

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Happy New Year, everyone, and I hope 2023 will bring more blessings and opportunities to us all. Cheers!


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