Snaps from Ogtong Cave, Bantayan Island, Cebu


A creative portrait taken by my friend Eman, showing his #iphonephotography skills and edited by me in #AdobeLightroom


Wazzup Hive friends! I just got back from a 3-day, 2-night trip to Bantayan Island. It's my first time to visit this famous island at the tip of Northern Cebu, and I have so many stories to tell in my upcoming blogs, plus I also made an itinerary for all those who want to do a quick DIY trip to this island paradise, so stay tuned for the coming blogs this week.


One of the places we visited on our itinerary was Ogtong Beach, which is home to the famous Ogtong Cave. This cold, refreshing natural pool is a must-visit in Bantayan. My friends and I were able to capture a lot of cool photos like these. The raw image was already great, but I just did some final touches in Adobe Lightroom.


Meet my besties, Ria and Eman plus Louji behind the camera. You'll see more of their faces in the upcoming blogs as I share to you more of my first time visit in Bantayan.

That's it for now, Thanks for dropping by, and see you on our next story.

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