Service Desk Christmas Party 2023 | End of an Era


Meet the Amazing Service Desk Team

Happy Holidays! I'm excited to share a glimpse of our Christmas party at the office over the weekend. This celebration carries a special sentiment as our project is nearing its completion, marking our final gathering as a team. Our project has been with the company for the last 12 years, more than a decade, and I personally have been here for 7 years. It's kind of hard to say goodbye at this point.

As we approach the project's sunset, each of us will transition to new projects within the company, with some even expressing desires to seek opportunities outside the organization.



Reflecting on the year 2023, it has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. This was the year when I successfully led my own team and joined the ranks of leadership. However, news of the project sunset emerged, prompting us to bid farewell once again. Despite the challenges, I'm optimistic about 2024 and am looking forward to the opportunity to meet new colleagues, as well as lead and inspire a different team.

Meet the faces behind Service Desk Management, The Leadership Team


Not too bad for the DIY Christmas Decors right? I was the one who made the balloon towers. I had a lot of practice from my kids birthdays. 😅


Of course, no party is ever complete without the delicious food to share. My personal fave here was the creamy carbonara and the beef & broccoli.

That's it for our simple office party.

May the coming year bring fresh opportunities, growth, and success to us all. Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year ahead!

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