Morning Jog in the Neighborhood

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Have you ever set a daily challenge?

I made one today, and the challenge is to greet everyone you meet on your daily walk a "Good Morning" and see how instantly it can make both your days a little bit brighter.

Hello hive friends! It's Wednesday, and here's my entry for #WednesdayWalk. Come with me on one of my daily jogs and see if how the daily challenge unravels and what my reflections were about today.

Here's a little back story, I have always been an active person. I enjoy long hikes up the mountain, occasional runs and jogs here and there. I try to make myself to always be on the move however these past few months I have grown complacent or even too lazy to get up and even stretch. I know it's not a good thing that's why I'm making up for the remaining months of the year and try to live a productivity and intentional life.

I'm currently working on the night shift for almost 2 months now but fortunately my clock out time is 5am, which still gives me a good amount of time to do a good round in our neighborhood before Mr. Sun gets a little bit too hot. I find jogging before hitting the bed after a night shift helpful in improving my sleeping pattern, I really doze off instantly after I freshen up and lie in abed after releasing all those sweat and toxins on my walk.

Now, back to my daily challenge. During my morning strolls, I often encounter elderly individuals and fellow young adults doing their jogs, yet I rarely initiate greetings spontaneously. Sometimes I'm a bit shy, and occasionally it feels awkward. However, today, I pushed myself to wish those I encountered a good morning with a warm smile and observe their responses. Initially awkward, it became easier after receiving the first friendly good morning in return.

It was as if every person I met wore a friendly face. This simple act brought instant joy to my morning walk, and I noticed smiles on their faces when I greeted them. It led me to reflect on the simple pleasures in life and how we can create positive, kind environments. A little smile can indeed make a significant difference, it sure goes a long way.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 4.15.04 AM(2).jpegLook at how beautiful the sky is.

It was a beautiful morning, the roads were quiet and streets yet to bustle with the usual traffic jams and crowds of people. As the sun peeked over the horizon I saw beautiful clouds painting the sky, it was indeed a marvelous day.

But it also made me think that we can always make any day as amazing as any other, it's all a matter of perspective. When we wake up in the morning and we set an intention for the day, that optimistic and positive mindset is something that external and controllable factors in our daily life wont be able to consume. We just need to focus our energy on the things that we can control and look for ways on how to see the light in every tunnel. Won't you agree?

Blue White Simple Modern Travel Vlog YouTube Thumbnail(1).png Even saw a cute little cat on my way home, isnt he a cutie? aww my heart.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 4.15.03 AM(1).jpeg I walked past one of my favorite bakeries in the neighborhood and bought myself some pandesal for my breakfast. Simple joys of life indeed.

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Here is the summary of my walk for today. My next goal is to do longer jogs in a shorter span of time and hopefully by 2024 start joining fun runs or marathons and go back to mountain hiking and of course make new friends on the road.

How about you? How did your morning unfold?


Ma. Morena is a nature enthusiast, an optimist and outgoing person who loves turning her adventure and thoughts into writing.

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