Legend of Makandog - The Guardian Giant of Suluan

Every place has a Myth and Legends passed over generation. These tall tales tell stories of adventures, power, and origins of how the places and things we know today came about.

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As the legend goes, there was a time when the world was still young and where Gods and Deities once walked the face of the Earth. A gentle yet fierce Giant lived in Suluan Island whose name is Makandog.

He was the ruler of Samar Island. A friend to many and protector to nature. According to stories, Makandog was friends with the sea spirits and controlled wildlife and fish.

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We grew up listening to tall tales about Makandog and his adventures. One famous folklore was the story behind the stomped footprints in Pamlaran.

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The Foot Print of the Giant Makandog

There was a time when Makandog got too drunk from Tuba (coconut wine) together with the locals and was unable to go out fishing the next day. Makandog's wife got so angry and chopped down the coconut tree from where he sourced his Tuba (coconut wine), in rage he stomped so hard on a rock which left the foot imprint.

That place in Sulu-an Island still bears the name Binundukan (where one stomped), Even my great grand mother would tell stories of how they swore to have seen coconut shells as big as a huge wok which legends says Makandog used as his cup.

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Another story was Makandog's attempt to build a stone bridge connecting Suluan to Mainland Guiuan. Makandog can just take a big leap and could reach Guiuan in just one step, however he took pity on the locals having a hard time traveling through the rough seas from Suluan to Guiuan and decided to create a stone bridge for them. However as death is to all men even deities, Makandog fell sick and died without having to finish the bridge.

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A photo showing the supposed bridge Makandog was making that will connect Suluan via Pamlaran to Guiuan.

Everytime we visit Pamlaran, the place where the footprint and the bridge is located we are always warned by the elders to avoid making loud noises, or else the waves would grow bigger and carry away those who dare but true enough the waves in Pamlaran are very scary and can wipe somebody out if not careful.

Maybe it's just the waves or who knows, maybe it's Makandog's spirit that is out there, guarding and protecting Suluan. The crashing sounds of the waves was the reminder of how once upon a time a strong, ferocious but helpful giant once ruled over this place.

How about you? What are the folklore in your place? Any interesting stories that we can check and talk about? Let me know in the comments section.

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Photos sourced from Dare Suluan and Guiuan Eastern Samar