Gardening - Rewards of a Simple Province Life

"You Reap What you Sow"

This famous proverb really goes a long way, and true enough, if we plant something, we would expect to reap the rewards of all our hard work sooner or later.

Hello, Hive Gardeners! Today, I want to take you on a tour of our mini home garden, where we have various plants, vegetables, and flowers too.

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Farming can be a tedious job. However, if you love plants and are not afraid of getting some soil on your hands, then this lifestyle will surely suit you. Planting different varieties of flowers, trees, and vegetables can take time and effort. One may also undergo a series of trials and errors before they practice producing the results that they want. Aside from the therapeutic effect that planting can have, you are also helping the environment by reducing the amount of carbon in the air.
And if you grow your own crops and vegetables, the better.

Did you know that homegrown food reduces water pollution? Organic foods use little to no pesticides compared to commercially produced food. Another benefit is that we help reduce air pollution brought about by shipping from farm to market. We help the environment, and at the same time, we are sure that what we put on our plates is all organic and fresh—talk about the exciting benefits of farming.

The House and the Mini Garden

My family has always lived in the province. Although our lot area is not that big since we are near the coast line, we are able to maximize the space by planting vegetables in pots and utilizing every inch of space we have around the yard. We are also lucky that there is an abandoned lot in front of our house, which the owner allowed us to use for planting while they are still not using the place.

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This is our house. The photo was taken a few years back when the flowering plants in the front gate were still not big enough. As you can see, we have a small space that we can utilize.

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My mother loves flowers and other aesthetically pleasing plants. I think she has a green thumb. She takes good care of the plants and waters them every day. Meanwhile, my brother was the one who started adding vegetables to our garden.

The first vegetable that he got was "Pechay", also known as Bok Choy or Chinese Cabbage. Pechay is easy to plant and maintain. You can harvest it from 5–6 weeks after it's planted. My mother makes the best stir-fried vegetables of all kinds. It's not only healthy but sure to be yummy.

We also have String Beans and Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd. They both grow on vines and are very easy to farm. However, if you choose to plant some bitter gourd and string beans, you need to make poles so the vines can properly crawl when the plant starts growing.

We also have a variety of bell peppers and chili peppers. The photo below is my favorite of them all. It's called the "Siling Demonyo." If translated straight to English, it means "The Devil's Pepper." It's also known as the Naga Viper. This is by far the spiciest chili I have ever tasted, very true to its name.

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Mother's Favorites Flowers and Plants

I don't know the names of these plants, but they are the types my Mom used to collect.

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My mother will occasionally display this plant in our living room. She changes it frequently depending on her mood and style.

Gumamelas, also known as Hibiscus, are brightly colored flowers. They really add beauty to our mini garden. They look very pleasing to the eyes, and the colors are so vibrant.

The gumamela in front of our house has grown big and makes a cute backdrop for photos. This photo was taken just last June, during my kid's graduation ceremony.

The Garden Across our House

It looks like an Indian camping pole.

That's how my youngest daughter describes this. Welcome to the other garden just across our house. This is where we plant most of the vegetables since the space is bigger. We have a variety of string beans, bitter melon, chili peppers, bell peppers, eggplants, squash, pechay, and sweet potatoes.

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My son and daughter helping my Mom take care of the veggies.

The Harvest

The highlight of each planting season, where we are always excited every time we harvest the rewards from our mini garden. It brings a lot of joy to see the results of what you worked hard for, plus we're sure to have a yummy meal afterwards. 😋

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Some Eggplant and Naga Viper from our garden across the house.
Sweet Potatoes and Hot Chillies from our garden across the house.

That's it for our Mini Garden Tour, I hope you liked it and it inspired you to go and start a mini garden of your own. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Have a great week everyone!



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