Endings are Beautiful Too | Chasing Sunset

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Nature's beauty requires no filter, and my favorite part of the day is definitely the time when the sun sets and meets the horizon. The moment the colors of the sky change to that bright purple, pink, and orange as it fills the sky is really breathtaking.

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And just like how the sun sets to give way to the arrival of night, there are things in life that come and go, and just because something ends doesn't mean that it is forgotten. When things end, we should be thankful that it happened because that is the beauty of life. It's the experiences that make us who we are; both good and bad experiences are needed for us to grow and be a better version of who we are.

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So to whoever needs to hear this right now, it's okay; everything is going to be okay. Just as the sun sets, the sun will always rise, and it will always bring new hope and new beginnings.

Hang in there! Hugs!