Clips on the Cliff | When in Ogtong Cave & Resort


I still can't over Bantayan Island.


It’s Yza once again for another round of travel stories.

We found a picture-worthy cliff when we were at Ogtong Cave & Resort on Bantayan Island. Although the sea was rather unwelcoming for a day of swimming as the waves were rough, we were still blessed with fine weather. There was no rain, and it’s just partly windy with a chance of sunburn lol.


Ogtong Cave & Resort is one of the most visited places in Bantayan because of the famous underground natural pool found in the cave. So, if you’re ever planning a trip to Bantayan Island, make sure to include the Ogtong Cave & Resort in your itinerary. You can also check my 3D2N itinerary on my previous blog.

Till our next story! ciao!



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