Celebrating Small Wins | #AcademicAchiever


Ate Daphnie and Kuya Daniel with their certificates.
The twins are now in Grade 8, how time flies.


Hooray! I couldn't help but feel so happy and grateful as I opened my daughter's message today. She was super happy because they made it to the honor roll for the second grading. Not only her but also her twin brother. She was really nervous last week because she was not certain that she would make it to the list, as she was not included in the first grading, and the second grading period is somewhat their last chance to make it to the recognition day if they can sustain the honor roll until the Fourth Grading.


I could really see Ate Daphnie's happiness on this photo and as a Mom I could not be any proud. 😊

Since she made it to the list, she is more determined than ever to keep up with her grades and make it until the end of the school year. I'm just so happy being a working mom away from my kids that even if I'm far, I can see that they are really studying hard and not putting their education aside.

I'm so proud of the twins, and I'll always be here to support them in every step that they take, with or without recognition awards.


Ate and Kuya together with their classroom adviser, Teacher Reneth ❤️

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