Cave Brook Resort | Cold Spring in Malbog, Salcedo

Another day, another adventure. What is your most favorite thing to do on a hot summer day? if you ask me, the best way to combat that scorching heat is by taking a cold dip.

I recently stumbled upon the perfect oasis to beat the heat – a serene cold spring located in Brgy. Malbog, Salcedo, Eastern Samar.

Welcome to Cave Brook Resort

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Brgy Malbog, an interior barangay of Salcedo, lies to the north of the town proper, a tranquil 26 kilometers away from Guiuan and 62 kilometers southeast of Borongan City, the capital of Eastern Samar.

To reach this hidden gem, my friends and I rode our trusty motorbikes and took a 30 minutes drive from Guiuan to Salcedo followed by a quick 15-20 minutes hike from the drop off in Brgy. Malbog.

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I particularly enjoyed the quick hike, It was a fine day and it wasn't too hot either, the fine trees provided enough shade for us. The relaxing view of the lush greenery was definitely a treat for the eyes.

Upon arrival at Cave Brook Resort, you will need to pay the entrance fee worth 10 pesos only ($0.18). They also have cottages that are available for only 200 pesos each ($3.61), while umbrella settings can be rented for 100 pesos ($1.80). Since our aim was a quick dip and we hadn't packed any food, our expenses came to just 10 pesos each.

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The waters at Cave Brook is cold and refreshing, The depth of the natural pool is just right for swimming too however the sides near the rocks are quite slippery so caution is advised.

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The fresh water from the spring also has a strong current, the water is not stagnant as it is overflowing down to the streams in Brgy. Ibiran as explained by Tatay, the trustee owner of the place. He was very accommodating and friendly, he told us that it has just been months since they have decided to develop the place and open it to public.

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Cave Brook Resort also has a mini sari-sari store where you can purchase snacks and beverages, perfect for a quick refuel after a relaxing swim.

It's heartwarming to witness local spots like Cave Brook Resort being developed into ecotourism destinations. Not only does this provide a livelihood for the locals, but it also showcases the natural beauty of the area to visitors and tourists alike.

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If you ever find yourself in Eastern Samar, particularly in Salcedo, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Cave Brook Resort.

You won't regret it!


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