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In the fast-paced world of work, it's essential to take a breather now and then. After all, as they say, "All work and no play makes anyone dull." We took a break the hustle and bustle of our daily tasks to celebrate yet another fun and engaging townhall at the office. To celebrate the end of customer service month we had a spooktacular Halloween celebration.

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Our workplace sure knows how to throw a party. The Halloween festivities kicked off with a costume contest, with groups coming up with the most creative and entertaining ensembles. We had Avatar, Shrek, Captain Jack Sparrow and of course our team, in particular, chose to channel the magic of Disney's "Coco."



The highlight of the team's performance was the rendition of the lively song "Un Poco Loco" from the movie. The team took to the stage, and gave it their all. They sing and dance on the stage like there is no tomorrow, and to think of it - they didn't even had the time to practice the performance it was all impromptu. It was yet another successful engagement event at the office, and we couldn't be prouder of our team's efforts.


Of course, no party is ever complete without some food. After the exhilarating performance, it was time to sate our appetites. A delicious buffet dinner awaited us, complete with a mouthwatering six whole Lechon. We feasted to our heart's content and shared laughter and stories, making this Halloween truly memorable.


But the fun didn't end there. Our office also prepared photobooths on our floor, providing the perfect opportunity to strike a pose and capture memories with our colleagues. The creativity and enthusiasm of the costumes made for some fantastic pictures, and the laughter was infectious.


As if that wasn't enough, we were in for another unexpected treat – a mini spa day right at the office. We were given the choice of a 30-minute massage, either a soothing back massage or a rejuvenating foot reflexology session. I opted for the back massage, and it was pure bliss. The skilled masseuse worked their magic, and I felt all the tension melt away. The only downside was that I felt so relaxed that I could have easily fallen asleep right there!


However, duty called, and I had to return to the production floor to finish up some remaining tasks. It was in moments like these that I truly appreciated our workplace's commitment to work-life balance. The Halloween celebration had allowed us to unwind, recharge, and then get back to work with a renewed spirit.

So, that's how we spent our Halloween at the office – a day filled with creativity, fun, and a sense of community. It's fantastic to be part of a workplace that values not only productivity but also the well-being and happiness of its employees.


Now, I'm curious, do you have any exciting Halloween activities planned this year? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!


Ma. Morena is a nature enthusiast, an optimist and outgoing person who loves turning her adventure and thoughts into writing.

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