A piece of paradise in our backyard


Unlike other homeowners whose backyard is a garden or a field, ours is the sea. It is something I always look forward to every time I go home to the province. Each sunset in our backyard is always special, it's never the same. I think I'm the happiest each time the colors of the sky change and the sun sets on the horizon. It is always a sight to witness and I know I will never be tired of it.

How about you? What is something you look forward to each time you go home? Being able to spend time with my kids and my Mom is always the first and my second most favorite is the unlimited dose of nature and fresh air. Haaay, I can't wait for the internet connection to be better in my hometown so I can just work from home. Hopefully it's sooner. It's always heartbreaking each time I have to leave this place.

It's already Monday, back to our regular programming but I'm still having sepanx from my weekend trip. I miss the kids, I miss the house, I miss the sea, I miss home.

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